“Being with Paula has been a gentle introduction to school for both my children.  She has created a safe, warm and loving atmosphere that is calm and nurturing for the young child.”

—Kim Janson-Smith – parent of two boys – 11 and  7

“Everyday knowing our children are with Paula makes us truly happy. Not only is the program a place that I feel great bringing my child too but it is also a welcoming place for parents. I cannot imagine my children not having had the opportunity to experience this.  Not only have they learned so much about who they are and how to be part of a community but have taught our children how to lose themselves in their imagination and to find play in anything.  Paula has taught us so much about parenting and our children.”

—Emilie Gruhl – parent of three girls – 10,  7 and 53Thin strip of trees

Paula holds the space for the children with tremendous warmth and love. My daughters have thrived here in all aspects – they are completely launched socially and have developed tremendous empathy and kind words to express themselves. They brought these gentle words home and repeated them and our whole family benefited from what they picked up at school. The children all work and play together in an absolutely delightful way. Paula provides a nurturing environment during their fully outdoors day where the children hike in the forest, jump off logs, and play in the dirt. I, as well as many many parents, can provide outstanding references.

-Madhulika – parent of one boy -10 and two girls – 7 and 4


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