Our Philosophy

The San Francisco Outdoor Nursery Program is a completely outdoor program with days spent in the park and green areas in San Francisco. By choosing to have an outdoor program the children become awakened to their natural surroundings so that they become more in tune with the rhythms of the earth and thus more in tune with their own natural rhythms. Children learn through their senses, from things that they can hear, touch, smell, see, and taste and also through their vestibular system (balance) and proprioceptive system (joints and muscles). While outdoors they learn through exploration using their bodies and senses. The children also learn about the natural world around them through songs, poems, rhymes, stories and movement and are nurtured through these activities daily at school.

During the day we work with the children to teach them how to complete tasks, follow through on directions in order to promote independence and positive self-esteem. Providing guidance to the young child through an understanding of their temperament needs. We try to have a mixed age group, children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age. This age range helps to develop awareness of others who have either mastered or are learning certain skills. This striving together helps promote responsibility, compassion and pride within the group.

When working with children during their foundation years, we see it as our responsibility to encourage and prepare them to embrace the challenges in their lives and give them the confidence to over come them.

The San Francisco Outdoor Nursery Program follows Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Waldorf methods. We are a media-free school and ask and encourage that nursery age children watch no television, videos, or computer games. This allows a child to create their own pictures to what is resonating in their hearts and imagination. Outside influences such as television, videos, and computer games inhibit this beautiful and important process. We ask that you strongly consider other activities for your child. Childhood is a time for play, simple pleasures, and a protection from images that may influence unwanted behavior. Many of the children in our school have never experienced electronic media. We wish to support all of our families with this endeavor.




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